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BlacksunsidemountThe first of the Black sun series torches is on test in the UK. We were approached by a fellow diver who weas looking for a new torch.. Simple we'll show him the Black Sun After a visit to the Factory to see the manufacturing process and the test procedure for every torch, it wasnt difficult to feel comfortable about selling these torches.

It took about 5 minutes of his first dive for our fellow diver to say "Can I take this one" the first transaction was complete. if satisfaction could be photographed we had the best opportunity on that day.

We are sure that our fellow diver will not be disapointed with this torch, but we will keep you updated on its progress.

The torch shown here is actually the sidemount version of the excellent Black Sun range designed witht he right angle power gland to allow easy mounting in a sidemount configuration.

In the future we will bring information about all the system we put on test to get a better understanding of how they perform in the UK waters.


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