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Manfrog Ltd are the new boys on the block in terms of dive equipment suppliers, that said we are the exclusive suppliers of the Dive System range of products, a range of dive products that have been around for almost 15 years. vantaggisidemount

Despite not having a large following in the UK the Dive System products are well known throughout Europe and are widely used by many special forces and fire services alike.

Made in Italy a country that leads the world in the development of specialised dive equipment the name Dive System is synonymous with Quality.

The Sidemount revolution began a search, a search that would lead to Dive System in Italy and one that would culminate with the inception of Manfrog Ltd.

In truth when we visited the manufacturer in Italy there was a sense of cynicism thinking the products would not meet our high expectations, in short we were blown away!

Nothing could have prepared us for the high level of quality demanded during the manufacturing and testing process. Torches tested to 300m 30 times before being released for sale. This is coupled with highest level of service from the Manfrog team, working hard to ensure that the customer is always satisfied.


Approved by Dive System

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